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2020-03-29 00:13 With the SANsurfer program, you can analyze and diagnose issues with the fibrechannel HBA. The program provides information about the HBA connections. To run the diagnostics, use these steps: Click Start All Programs. Click QLogic Management Suite, then click SANsurfer. On the left side of the screen, the HBA ports are displayed.

Monitoring Qlogic HBA with HBAAPI Hello All, We are decided to monitoring our QLogic HBA statistic in our environment, In order to we developed java code with HBA API. When ran the java code in command prompt following exceptios were populated and attached sample code for your kind persual. Please suggest to me what is the wrong methodology qlogic hba api windows The WWN is labeled on each card, and any of Cavium's QLogic HBACNA management utilities may be used to view the WWN of a QLogic adapter. The easiest to use is the QConvergeConsole (QCC) CLI utility which is available from our Downloads page.

HBA API Attributes Attribute Support Notes; HBAGetVersion: Yes: HBALoadLibrary: Yes: HBAFreeLibrary: Yes: HBARegisterLibrary: Yes: qlogic hba api windows

QLogic network adapters are intended for use with cost effective Direct Attach SFP copper cables. Includes Dual port FCoE Converged Network Adapters (CNA). Visit Dell. com to learn more. May 18, 2012 how to check Qlogic HBA adapter Queue depth in windows 2008 r2? Qlogic model is QMH2462. . i tried checking in below reg entry. . but not sure in windows 2008 it's default value is 32. . please help me to understand. . Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit) QConvergeConsole is an enterpriseclass, webbased, singlepaneofglass console that allows for centralized management and configuration of the broad product line of QLogic adapters unified across the entire data center network, both LAN and SAN. qlogic hba api windows SANsurfer FC HBA Manager has the following minimum software requirements: Common desktop environment (CDE) to run SANsurfer FC HBA Manager GUI. QLogic QLx2xxx drivers for your OS platform. TCPIP protocol for Windows 2000Windows Server 2003 remote management. TCPIP protocol for NetWare remote management. Includes API version. 63 (QLSDM). For Windows Server 2003 SP2, you must also install Microsoft fixes KB and KB This pack monitors the health and performance of Host Bus Adapter (HBA)toSAN links from within Microsoft SCOM. SANsurfer FC HBA CLI User Guide: QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Series Quick Start Guide:

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