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2020-03-29 00:35 Oct 03, 2014 Time synchronization normally occurs automatically in a Windows domain, but things can get pretty screwed up in a virtualized environment when the VMs are configured to sync from a host with inaccurate time. The following are my best practices for configuring and managing time in a virtualized environment:

May 23, 2016  Set time sync for your Domain Controllers. Next, on your DCs, reset the time authority. Microsoft offers a fix that helps you set an external time source such as 0. us. pool. ntp. org (scroll down on that pagepast the fix for syncing with an internal hardware clock). . You can also manually set the sync partner on the Domain Controller to fix time sync issues with this (as Administrator): windows domain time sync best practice 1 Answer 1. The Microsoft best practice for time keeping in a Windows domain is to configure the domain controller holding the PDC emulator role to get its time from a reliable source. By default, the rest of the machines in the domain will automatically sync up with the PDC emulator, either directly or second hand (or third hand, etc. ).

Aug 15, 2016 I have a few windows 10 pc's joined to my domain which is windows server 2012 r2. These PC's keep losing time sync with the DC. If i check the BIOS of each pc the time has changed there also. I have changed the CMOS Battery on both pcs and reset the bios to default. windows domain time sync best practice

Aug 30, 2016  Virtualized Domain Controllers: 4 Myths and 12 Best Practices Lets look at some of the best practices around domain controllers, with an emphasis on running them in a virtualized environment. 1: Always Start by Assessing Your Situation Disable HyperV Time Synchronization for Virtualized Domain Controllers. Jun 27, 2016 This does not seem like the best practice to me, but I'm not sure what is. I would like to know what others would do in this situation. Let me also add, that I have run these servers with Time Synchronization turned on, and invariably the time at these satellite offices will start to drift out of sync. Nov 03, 2016 Hi, I'm looking for best bractices for time sync. we have 8 DCs. Would it be better to point all of them to the external source or have 1 or 2 dcs going outside and have the rest syncing with those 2 dcs? Configure the DC that holds the PDC Emulator role in the forest Root domain ONLY. Do NOT configure all of them to an outside source. If you have windows domain time sync best practice HyperV Time Sync for VM Domain Controller. I am trying to leave time sync between the VM and HyperV Host enabled as i believe this to be best practice from what i have read. This enables your guest domain controller to synchronize time from the domain hierarchy.

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