Explorer error windows 10 shutdown

2020-03-31 20:56 Feb 02, 2017 Hi, After I upgrade to Window 8. 1, i get explorer. exe Application Error dialog every shutdown. It contain: The instruction at 0x74fd40b9 referenced memory at 0x. The memory could not be read.

Jun 11, 2015 Windows 10 updated again, this time it fixes Explorer in Windows 10 News More UPDATE: Taskbar Start Screen How to Change to Use Start Menu or Start Screen in Windows 10 explorer error windows 10 shutdown Apr 13, 2019 Step 1: End the Windows Explorer process and create the new one. Press CtrlShiftEsc, under Process tab, search for Windows Explorer. Right click on it and click on End task. Click on File in the Task Manager at top left corner of the window and select Run new task. Type explorer. exe and click

Feb 07, 2014 This issue occurs when you rightclick the Start tip or press the Windows keyX keyboard shortcut, and then you use the Shut down or sign out option to shut down or restart Windows. Workaround To work around this issue, use the Settings charm to shut down or restart Windows. explorer error windows 10 shutdown

How to Restart Explorer. exe on Windows 10 PC. File Explorer, previously known as Windows is a program management process that provides the graphical interface you use to interact with most of Windows item, like the Start menu, taskbar, notification area. When you are required to restart Windows Shell, use one of the ways below, you can close and restart Windows Explorer How can the answer be improved? IE browser unexpected shuts down in Windows 10 Have you ever met this case that the Internet Explorer keeps shutting down in Windows 10? I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 Creator last week, and yesterday, the IE browser starts to shut down unexpectedly in my PC. I tried to reopen the browser and then it suddenly shut down again. explorer error windows 10 shutdown

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